4 February 2013

Piney Mountain Orchard is now Certified Naturally Grown!

Dear friends,

The farm is growing even as the snow falls outside.  The most exciting news is that we are now Certified Naturally Grown!  An alternative to organic certification, Certified Naturally Grown is a third party certification with standards based on organic certification, but with a program accessible to small farmers.   Similar to organic, we do not use synthetic chemical CNGcolorlogoherbicides, pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers.  We are committed to soil & water health by using cover crops, crop rotation, and buffer strips, and we never use genetically modified or chemically treated seeds.  This certification does not change our growing practices (we were complying already), rather it assures customers that we adhere to standards that a respected organization recognizes as environmentally sound, and connects me to a community of farmers that have made the same commitment.  Visit the Certified Naturally Grown website – click here – for more information.

We are also the proud owners of a new walk-in cooler, which will increase our vegetable storage capacity for our CSA and markets.  There are even a few seedlings started under lights already – fresh kale, spinach, lettuce, and chard are not too far away!

And don’t forget, early sign up for the CSA lasts only until March 1 — sign up now, for space is limited – click here for more information!

Thank you and be well!

Your farmer,

Megan Rulli


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