Shares available for 2015!

Hello friends!  We are half way through winter now, waiting(not so) patiently for the end of March to mark the official start of a new spring season.  And although the weather hasn’t broken, our farm season has begun, and the time to sign up for the summer CSA has arrived!  The seeds we are planting now will bear fruit in May & June.  The hoop house is producing many pounds of spinach each week, the first seedlings are sprouting, the sheep and goats seem unaffected by cold air, and the chickens are laying eggs.  Below the snow, 6 inches deep, life goes on: earthworms are building the soil that will grow our food all summer long.  Investment in the CSA at this point in the season is a key part of this preparation for the year — share in the harvest this year at Piney Mountain Orchard!

kale seedlings

To sign up today for your share:

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  • Click HERE to fill out the membership application on our website.  Space is limited (30 shares available), so sign up early!


New Kids on the Block


Our Nubian goat Ingrid had twins during the cold snap in mid-December.  These cuties have been raised perfectly by their mom and are curious and energetic. They are the first goats to be born on the farm, and were the first animals I’ve ever seen born.  It was incredible on all ends – Ingrid did everything so matter-of-fact and smoothly that the little ones were up and walking in minutes!  Our only intervention was to dry and warm the goats as it was a 15 degree night full of sleet and cold winds.  The kids are boy and girl, known as MJ (after Michael Jackson, he has one white hoof) and Dolores (she really just looks like a Dolores).


Miracle Chicks

In mid-November I shut our smaller hoop house up for the cold winter months.  Several days later I walked by and was horrified to hear a chicken trapped inside.  I rushed to open the door to let her out and was startled to see not only a thriving hen, now yelling for the disturbance I was causing, but also 5 newly hatched chicks tweeting and hopping for cover under their panicking mother!  This new life happened under odd and very specific conditions – were she not trapped there she would not have sat on those eggs, were she not in the hoop house it would not have been warm enough for them to survive, were they not quarantined they would have been eaten by barn cats, and had I not heard them all would have shortly perished.  The miracle chickens are amazing to witness and a joy to foster – they are all living healthfully in the hoop house still, awaiting introduction to the main flock when the little ones are large enough to fend for themselves.

Year Round Growth

Finally, this is the first winter I am growing crops year round! I planted spinach, lettuce, and scallions in our new hoop house in November, and have been harvesting since December, selling these crops to other farmers to supplement their winter CSAs.  This year was my experimental year in preparation of an extended winter share next fall/winter — details to come!

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