Don’t let the Onion Snow fool you..Spring is here are so are CSA Shares!

Signing up for our summer CSA share on a day like today has got to be spring therapy!  Don’t look out your window, just picture rows of spring onions, freshly dug potatoes, the first sweet bite of a cherry tomato, and the crisp texture of a spring radish!  Today I bring you spring tidings of growing vegetables, community farm events, and new markets & farm to table restaurants in our region.  Read on and don’t miss out on our limited share offerings — click here to sign up today!

2015 Community Calendar

JOIN US the first weekend of each month for family fun, workshops, & volunteering!

  • APRIL—”garden with your farmer” workshop
  • MAY— open farm day
  • JUNE — volunteer planting day
  • AUGUST — food preservation workshop
  • SEPT — hike to Pole Steeple
  • OCT — farm harvest celebration
  • NOV  — field clean up day

Details are TBA and ideas/suggestions are welcome!

New offerings from the farm this year

CSA Members will get advance notice on our new ventures as we round out the operations here on the farm.  Just a few things to look forward to this year are….

  1. Full Season Egg Shares — “Meg’s Eggs” can’t be beat!  With the warm weather the chickens have been roaming the full length of our property, and the quality of our eggs reflects their free range lifestyle – our orange yolks are full of protein & minerals! AVAILABLE NOW
  2. Wool & Yarn from our Sheep — Tomorrow is our annual shearing day for the sheep.  A professional visits our farm and within minutes has our lovely ladies looking skinnier than ever.  We send their fleeces down to the mill to be processed into yarn and will offer the yarn & finished hand-knits for sale later in the season! AVAILABLE SUMMER/FALL
  3. Goat Meat –– Try something new this year!  Our goats live a full and healthy life, are out on pasture through the warm months of the year, and are an integral part of our farm.  As a former vegetarian I am proud to truly understand where the meat I consume comes from and see it as a solemn privilege to raise animals for meat.  Aside from its truly unique and full taste, goat is nutritional gold, with more protein & iron than beef, pork, or chicken, and less fat than beef or pork (source: USDA)! AVAILABLE IN MAY

The Buzz Around the Farm

Two New Farm to Table Restaurants are buying from Piney Mountain Orchard!  The Millworks in Harrisburg is an exciting new venue with excellent food and an incredible atmosphere – they opened last week and have been building relationships with local farms for almost two years.  I can personally recommend this restaurant and hope to get back soon!  1794 Whiskey Rebellion in Carlisle is a new whiskey bar with a local foods centered menu – and while I have not eaten here personally I heard the food is great.  They have limited seating, so make a reservation (I learned that lesson first hand)!
Spring Seeding is Well Under Way Remember tomatoes?  Their smell, taste, and texture?  I’m reminded of them every time I visit my seedlings that are growing vigorously under lights downstairs.  I will move them outside in the upcoming weeks as the nighttime temperatures warm up.  Also started are eggplant, peppers, napa cabbage, kale, and lettuce!
Farmers at Broad NEW Market & Pickup Location  After three years of moderate success, the Camp Hill market is moving and I am leaving to try my hand at a new Saturday market in midtown Harrisburg.  Each Saturday from May to October I will be at the historic Broad Street Market where they are starting a weekly producer-only outdoor market!  With the new Millworks restaurant and a great group of vendors (bread, milk, produce, and fruit all represented), we hope that this new market will be a success!  This means the Camp Hill pick up will be changing from Thursdays in Camp Hill to Saturdays from 10am to 2pm in Harrisburg.  If you are currently a Camp Hill member I will be in touch with the details of the changes and trust you will enjoy the new market as well.

Thanks for reading, be well, and think spring!

 Join Piney Mountain Orchard’s CSA Today!

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