CSA Member Resources

CSA Member Resources for the 2017 Season

First & Foremost, veggies are no fun if you don’t know how to cook with them!  Here is a top five list of my favorite cookbooks that utilize fresh, seasonal, vegetables:

  1. Simply in Season 
  2. From Asparagus to Zucchini 
  3. Farmer John’s Cookbook
  4. Farm-Fresh and Fast
  5. The Moosewood Cookbook 

Be sure to read your Newsletter each week as well — there you will find storage tips and recipes specific to your share.

The CSA Coalition has put together a great site of resources for CSA members that includes the history of CSA’s, storage and use tips for veggies, and other helpful hints toward a sustainable lifestyle.  I recommend checking it out here:


Here are some resources from Small Farm Central on how best to pick up a share, communicate with your farmer, and get the most out of your vegetables:


Finally, Here are some (not all!) of our offerings and how they change throughout the year:

Spring (May, June): P1010891spinach, salad mix, snap peas, carrots,  cooking greens, radishes,  arugula, bok choy, scallions

Early Summer (late June, July): cucumbers, potatoes, lettuce, summer squash, carrots, cherry tomatoes, green peppers

Late Summer (August, September): heirloom tomatoes, snack peppers, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes

Fall (Late September, October, November): broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, carrots, salad mix, salad turnips, radishes, kale, winter squash, scallions, spinach, arugula, bok choy

Winter: storage crops such as sweet potatoes, winter squash, watermelon radishes and potatoes, and greenhouse-grown salad greens and cooking greens

from parents camera, march 086

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