Customer Testimonials

Here at Piney Mountain Orchard, we strive not only to grow delicious produce, but also to promote community through the goodness of fresh food.  We know that food brings people together, and healthy food can help to build healthy communities.  Our goal is to have a family farm which is not only successful but is also soulful, deeply rooted in a commitment to promote health, starting at the soil.

from parents camera, march 262

“Amazing quality of produce! It was always exciting to get the bag every week and figure out new ways to use the veggies.”

“We enjoy this CSA so much and will be back next year! We always find some new recipes and really enjoy all the delicious produce!”

“Quality has been top notch. Extremely flavorful!”

“I loved the weekly recipes and the newsletters. Very informative and helpful”

“We love getting our produce from Megan & knowing where so much of our food comes from. We would definitely recommend to friends!”

“VERY convenient. I love picking up at the market and shopping the other vendors, too.”

“[The amount was] Just right. We’ve received more in other CSAs, but wound up throwing more away. Never felt like it was too little!”

“Lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower were awesome, the best I ever had!”

“Quality and variety of produce are great. Very glad to support someone who is doing it right. Would recommend to a friend and have already!”

“It was fabulous! yes, I have already told several people and plan to tell more.”

“Have already recommended this program. Gave us a start to a healthier lifestyle and we enjoyed the variety and taste of the produce.”

“Very good variety, excellent service, superb produce and convenient pick up place. I would recommend to anyone.”

“Loved it and can’t wait for next year.”

“Loved seeing different varieties than what is typically available in the grocery store – dragon beans, heirloom tomatoes, etc & knowing that is grown locally & healthily! We would definitely recommend to a friend!”

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